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What is e-portfolio?

Students, faculty, and alumni can e-profiles that can include examples of their work, contact information, discussion boards, or sources of inspiration.

How do I Login?

Your log in and password are exactly the same as your Corcoran .edu email account. If you have any problems with this log in information, please contact helpdesk@corcoran.org.

What are the System Requirements?

e-portfolio works on the following browsers and operating systems:

  • Windows 98 and up: Internet Explorer 7.0 +, Mozilla Firefox 1.0 +
  • Mac OSX and up: Safari 1.0 +, Mozilla Firefox 1.0 +

Have Flash Player v.10 plug-in for the browser.

Have javascript enabled.

Every time you log into the site, e-portfolio will check whether your browser and settings are compatible. If you receive an error message, please update the browser, plugin and settings as necessary. If you cannot do the updates at that time, click on the Continue Anyway link to access e-portfolio.

Do not use Internet Explorer 6.x! The page layout is wrong and you will not be able to download attachments within the discussions.

When I log in, I keep getting a Flash failure message.

To use e-portfolio effectively, you should have the Adobe Flash Player version 10 plug-in installed in your browser.

Find out what version of the Player you have installed.

Install the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player.

If you have Flash Player 10 installed and you still get the error message, chances are that you logged in so quickly that e-portfolio didn't have time to verify the Flash player. Simply click on the Continue Anyway button. If that is not the case, please contact ???

When I log in, I keep getting a browser failure message.

e-portfolio works best on these browsers:

e-portfolio does not play well with Internet Explorer 8.

What do I do if I need more Help?

Submit any additional questions to the Digication Help Desk, located here.

How do I report a bug? or have a suggestion?

Please tell us! The easiest way is to email jsemler@corcoran.org.

What is Digication?

Digication is the software company used for this e-portfolio system. The company is owned by people who are on faculty at RISD and it was created first for them.

How do I Attach Files to Topics or Replies?

File attachments that are less than 12 MB including text files, image files, small sound files, small movie files, animations, and presentations can be uploaded by students and faculty in Topics and Replies.

There are no constraints on the file types that can be submitted. However, some file types will display inline with the post, while others will display as a link to the file so that it can be downloaded to a user's computer for viewing. (.jpgs, and .gifs are displayed inline with text.)

To add a file attachment, click on the Attachment Tab when Submitting a Reply or creating a Topic. Click the Browse button to locate the file on your local computer. Select the file in the File Upload window, and click "Open".

When you have chosen a file from the File Upload dialog box, click the Upload Files button to add the file to your Topic or Reply.

Note: If you do not click the Upload Files button to add the file before saving your Topic or Reply, the attachment will not be saved.

When a file has been added to a Topic or Reply, the file name will be listed below your Message. You have the option to remove the file from your Topic or Reply by clicking the Delete button.

If you wish, you may also add a short note for each file, such as Acrobat Reader is Required to View PDFs.

When all files have been added to the Topic or Reply, click the Back to Content button to return to editing.

How do Attachments Display?

The name of the file displays as a link. Clicking on this link will open or download the file onto your local computer.

The Short Note, if entered, can give the user a little more information about the file.

How can I find someone in e-portfolio?

To quickly see the profiles (and e-Portfolios) of the students within a class, click on the Students tab.

How can I add a picture to my profile?

The picture must be a JPEG, 100 x 100 pxiels, and no bigger than 500 KB.

What's the deal about subscriptions?

To Subscribe simply click on the Subscribe link.

To Unsubscribe click on the Unscribe link.

To manage all of your subscriptions, click on the Subscriptions link in the top menu.

I can't attach files to a post. It keeps erroring out at 98% complete

This happens whether the file is 600KB or 11.1 MB. This problem may be related to Adobe Flash. Try upgrading the plug-in for your browser (see links above.) If that doesn't work, click on the paperclip icon. It will take you through the old file process.

When I created my e-portfolio, why does it ask me for a URL?

Each e-portfolio has its own unique URL, which you can send out to friends, family, or even potential employers. You may choose your own URL. If the URL is already taken, the site will prompt you for another. We recommend that you use your Corcoran email address, e.g. jane_doe, for the portfolio as you will likely send to potential employers.

Who can see my e-portfolio?

  • Public - Show in Directory: Your portfolio will be listed in the "e-Portfolio Directory." Anyone who visits the site may view your portfolio.
  • Private - Don't Show in Directory: Your portfolio will not be listed in the "e-Portfolio Directory." Anyone who knows its URL though may view it.
  • Private - Admin Only: Only the owner and editors of the portfolio may view it. The URL is only available when one is logged into the system.

How can I view other e-portfolios created by others in my program?

You can search by department and program as well as by community type, e.g. student, faculty, etc. In the e-Portfolio Directory, click on the By Category tab. Click on a link; any spots that you have permission to view will appear. These categories are manually assigned by Corcoran administrators. You can help us out by adding the appropriate categor(ies). Also, if you know a person's name, you can search for it using the By Person tab in the e-Portfolio Directory.

Where can I see other people's e-portfolios?

Go to the e-Portfolios Directory. You can search by person, department, and type.