Portfolio Requirements for BA/BFA Applicants

The portfolio is an integral part of your application and is the primary tool that the admissions committee uses to determine an applicant’s skill and potential. It is important to make sure that this is the best representation of you as an artist, and of your work up to this point.

Here at the Corcoran, we feel your portfolio should tell your story in a way that makes sense to you. For this reason, we have no restrictions or requirements on what should be in your portfolio other than what you believe to be your strongest work.

When preparing your portfolio for submission, it is a good idea to get as much feedback as possible–ask your art teacher, a friend, or your parents–anyone that you trust will give you sound advice on how to improve your portfolio. One of the best ways to get many different perspectives on your work is to go to a National Portfolio Day event. National Portfolio Days take place all across the country and are a chance for you to meet with recruiters and counselors from many different art schools—including us!

Once you have followed the steps above and feel confident in your portfolio, you are ready to submit! Below are our guidelines for submitting your portfolio.



  • All students are required to submit a portfolio of ten to fifteen completed works of art.
  • The included work should be a reflection of your best and most recent work.
  • If possible, submitted work should be related to your area of interest.