Adjunct Instructor Lori Waselchuk Receives Pew Fellowship

July 31, 2012

Lori Waselchuk, adjunct instructor in photography, has received a 2012 fellowship from the Pew Center for Arts & Heritage through Pew Fellowships in the Arts (PFA) based on her work in documentary photography.

The 2012 Pew Fellows were chosen in recognition of their extraordinary artistic achievements and the potential to use the fellowship to advance their work.

Pew Fellowships in the Arts director Melissa Franklin notes, “These distinguished artists have made significant contributions to Philadelphia’s creative community and beyond, many of them exhibiting and performing for local, national and international audiences. The Pew Fellowship will provide them with invaluable resources to further their artistic goals and achievements, and to share their work with the public.”

For the complete list of 2012 Pew Fellows in the Arts and full artist descriptions, as well as lists of this year’s panelists and evaluators, please visit