Art and the Book Students Lectured at the Library of Congress

June 8, 2012

Congrats to Art and the Book students, Elizabeth Curren and Whitney Stahl, who recently provided a lecture at the Rare Book Reading Room at the Library of Congress. 

On June 7, Elizabeth Curren explored two contemporary represenations of Jorge Luis Borge's fictional Second Encyclopedia from Tlön.  By examing the expansive encyclopedias creared by Barbara and Markus Fahrner and by Ines on Ketelhodt and Pter Malutzki, Curren places the modern artist's book in the continuum of the history of the encyclopedia.

On May 31, Whitney Stahl discussed the role of Fine Presses within the Artists community. Fine printing is often associated with letterpress, premiere bookbinding, and high quality materials; yet is often criticized as not being innovative in form or concerned with books as an artistic concept. Stahl challenged this misconception by exhibiting five small Fine Press artists and discussed their role as book artists as her culminating research internship experience at the institution.