March 21, 2014

USA WEEKEND has launched a contest. What do they want? Some truly artistic Easter eggs.


If you aren't familiar with USA WEEKEND, it's a Sunday magazine publication distributed in more than 750 newspapers across the U.S. with a total circulation of 22.5 million. No yoke!

The deal: use an egg as your canvas. Be as creative as you want. Snap a photo of the creation by March 28. That's basically it, but check out the details HERE.

The contest is open to participants nationwide, but the editor is interested in running a special print section of the April 2 edition just of Corcoran artist submissions (with a possible cover). Rachel Cothran, the Corcoran's PR director, is working with them directly. If you are interested in submitting (even if you don't have your concept yet), please contact Rachel directly at She is working with the editor to arrange quotes with Corcoran participants and gain maximum exposure for you as an artist.

So you've got a very high chance of getting your name out there--but we need your commitment, and then a cool egg work that will look great photographed.