Faculty Accomplishments: Frank DiPerna

September 10, 2012

Frank DiPerna, The Ruesch Family Professor of Photography, and long-time instructor at the Corcoran will be having a solo exhibition, Found Objects, at Civilian Art Projects in Washington, DC from September 14 to October 20, 2012.  In a statement about the work Jayme McLellan, owner and director of the gallery, wrote,

 "For his first solo exhibition at Civilian, Frank DiPerna presents never before exhibited work photographed over the last five years in theU.S.and abroad. One part street photographer, the other a careful composer, DiPerna's work transcends the tangles of busy and overabundant locations flooded with multiple activities and agendas. Drawn to color, advertisement, the representation of humans, and all the other formal concerns of a fine art photographer; each image in the exhibition coalesces disparate layers of commonly encountered landscape into successful, stand alone images."

In an excerpt from Frank DiPerna's artist statement he says,

“I have an ongoing interest in the presence of other imagery (pictures) in the landscape and what they say about a culture. Beyond what the images might reference, there is the pure pleasure of finding them, and using photography to construct an image that represents how I see, use color and shape to form the world into a rectangle. My intent is to create work that is a bit odd, formally coherent and visually inviting.”

The opening reception will be on Friday, September 14, 7-9 p.m