Faculty Accomplishments: Tom Beck

September 17, 2012

Tom Beck, adjunct instructor in the arts and humanitites department, recently published the book Music of the Mind: Cliche Verre Photographs and Digital Imagery of Jaromir Stephany.  The book will be available from Distributed Art Publishers (D.A.P.), New York.  The book discusses the life and work of Stephany (1930-2010), an artist who had shows in New York and elsewhere, but is not well known outside a relatively small circle of admirers.  He had the distinction of being the artist who devoted more of his career to cliche verre photographs than anyone else.  Cliche verre is a term that comes from French and means "drawing on glass."  Such notable artists as Corot, Man Ray,and Moholy-Nagy made cliche verre images, but none devoted so much of his career as Stephany  Music was a great influence on Stephany, and the book draws parallels between Stephany's imagery and music that he appreciated.