Faculty Exhibition (John Dickson)

November 15, 2011

“Our discussions of human life are often based on the premise the existence is good, but we are so concerned with the fluctuations of fortune that we forget the perpetual aesthetic of each moment”, One of my favorite quotes from mathematician Alfred North Whitehead. His words are a succinct expression that has guided me throughout my life of making art. They have given me permission to make art every day without guilt or regret. In this work titled “arc/k” I am dealing with the arc of each day and the ark that protects us from drowning, my need to see the intersection of my daily life with something larger; and yet knowing that the specific details of the vernacular are the true wonders that I seek., I want to create an arena, a place where speculation, science, religion/faith, doubt and the suspension of belief can intersect, a place of discourse.

I want to give proper credit for the written text that I have used throughout this piece, it is taken from the observations of 19th century naturalists and watch makers who were able to portray and exquisite sense of being present for what they were looking at and to make me feel that I was there at the moment of their discoveries. I will take credit for the indecipherable script that flies slightly under the radar of readability. There is not attempt to embed a hidden code or meaning.

Additionally, I would like to thank Joseph Orzal and Christopher Cunningham for their technical help and Professor Selila Honig and writer Dee Axelrod for their wise counsel.

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Genna Watson and I decided to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity at George Mason's new visual arts gallery; we are showing together for only the third
time in our 40 year careers. I hope you can join us for the opening or visit while it is up.


John Dickson, Dean of Students