Jonathan Wood

October 9, 2012

Jonathan Wood

Photo: Jason Tucker

Hometown: Brewster, MA
Undergraduate Degree: Hartwick College, NY
Graduated: 1999
Area of Study: double Major (Art and Art History); minor (Spanish)
Currently Studying: Interior Design
Student Member:ASID

Jonathan transferred into the Corcoran after completing several semesters in Interior Design at another college. He has been pleased with the transfer and has found it rewarding to work with instructors who he feels are committed to his development and engaged in their work as educators. He values being among a close-knit community committed to leadership in education and devoted to his success as a student. Prior to studying Interior Design, Jonathan had a career in academic fundraising.

"Studying interior design at the Corcoran offers me the opportunity to focus on the aspects of the field that are most important to me without sacrificing a solid education in the fundamentals of what a designer needs to know," he says. Through his studies, he intends to examine interior design through the lens of historic preservation and sustainability of structures. Although he enjoys the creativity of hospitality design, his heart is in residential design, with a focus on renovation, low-income housing, and preserving and rehabbing buildings. ”I am interested,” he says, “in the magic that happens when the interior and exterior meet and how a designer can manipulate space to make one flow into the other.” Jonathan believes in the importance of giving back to the community and hopes to one day teach or work in conservation and preservation on a political level. He finds it inspiring to study in a politically powerful city that recognizes the importance of history to design.

Jonathan lived in the D.C. area in the past and is excited to return to the area. When he is not in the studio, he enjoys exploring Maryland and its historic homes, along with hiking, camping, reading, and spending time with his 16-year-old dog, Joni. He recommends driving past the National Cathedral at sunset—one of his favorite views in the city. "The way the sun hits the limestone make the whole structure glow," he says.