Kathy T. Hettinga, book artist and designer guest lecturer for "20th-Century Artists Books"

April 5, 2010

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Kathy T. Hettinga, book artist and designer guest lecturer for "20th-Century Artists Books"
All invited; bring your book works for the artist to critique

Friday, April 16 2010, 3PM to 5PM
Room 14A Corcoran Downtown

Kathy T. Hettinga, Distinguished Professor of Art at Messiah College in Pennsylvania, is an active artist in design, artist's books, and digital images/prints. Since the late 1980s, influenced by April Greiman's pioneering use of early computerized design platforms and imagery manipulation, she has received national recognition, including an Indiana Arts Fellowship and a Research Fellowship at Yale University, where she studied with Johanna Drucker. Her large-scale digital photograph series have been exhibited widely across the country, and internationally in Poland, Italy, England, Palestine, United Arab Emirates, and Australia. Her artists' books, represented by Vamp and Tramp, have appeared at shows such as the Pyramid Atlantic Book Arts Invitational at the Corcoran Museum of Art, Action/Interaction: Book/Arts at the Chicago Center for Book & Paper Arts, and recently, a one-person exhibition at the Dadian Gallery in Washington, D.C. Her work is in the permanent collections of UCLA's Grunewald Center for Graphic Arts, the university collections of Iowa, Berkeley, Yale, the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City, MO; and the National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, D.C. Her digital art and designs received awards and have been published in Computer Pictures, SIGGRAPH'S Visual Proceedings, Graphic Design: USA, and American Graphic Design Awards Annuals. Her illustrated essays are included in Constructions of Death, Mourning, and Memory (2005), and Virtual Morality: Morals, Ethics and New Media (2003). In the past decade, Hettinga has worked in handmade artists' book formats, design projects for activist causes, and deluxe editions, such as her recently published Grave Images: The San Luis Valley, Colorado (2009, Museum of New Mexico Press).
1) Madonna Hears, signatures  (2008)
2) Middle East Baltimore Stories