March 10, 2010

Fundraising Invite final

Five years ago, The Washington Ballet had a novel idea: transform their studio space into a theater setting, and create a venue for new and experimental choreography. The first of these productions was called 7x7: Love and it was a huge success. The following year, the series continued and Septime Webre, the artistic director of The Washington Ballet, called upon the Corcoran College of Art and Design to push the creative experience of the event, with the addition of a corresponding art installation.

Inspired by the production of 7x7: Heaven & Hell, the Corcoran students transformed the gallery space into a tactile art experience. The results were truly amazing and garnered praise from both art and dance aficionados. Since then, our collaboration has thrived with dramatic installations for the 2006 production of 7x7: Women and the 2007 production of 7x7: Shakespeare. Each year our funds were substantially cut but our students’ creativity and ingenuity continued to create impressive installations that became progressively more outstanding.

It has been a few years since our last collaboration, as The Washington Ballet had put its 7x7 series on hold. This year, after a 15-year absence, Septime Webre returns to the stage with a new production – Shoogie, The Tail of My Wiener Dog. Conceived and written by Webre nearly 20 years ago, it is an homage to his home state of Texas. Like the 7x7 series, The Washington School of Ballet will be its venue. The production will run April 21-25th.  As in past collaborations the students of the Corcoran will inject their creativity. In order to ensure the same experience and success of our past installations, we are in dire need of financial assistance.

RSVP Required – rsvp to Please join us at L2 in Cady’s Alley on March 10th to benefit the Corcoran students’ endeavor to allow them to realize there creative vision.

-          Meet students from the Corcoran College of Art and Design’s Graduate Program in Interior Design, see a sampling of the students conceptual designs projected throughout the space.

-          Enjoy drink and food off the “après-work” menu.

-          Participate in a fabulous raffle that includes multiple prizes, including ticket’s to see “Shoogie: The tail of my wiener dog”

-          Suggested Donation at the Door - $10 for The Washington Ballet.

(All donations are tax-deductible to extent allowed by law.) For more information about Shoogie, The Tail of My Wiener Dog please visit