Writing Workshops in November

October 19, 2009

Writing Workshops Fall 2009

All workshops will take place in the Student Lounge at the Downtown campus, begin at noon, and last for approximately 45 minutes.

 Session 1:  Formal Analysis (November 2)

Actively looking is central to understanding and critically engaging with the art-object.  More than just a “laundry list” description, formal analysis deals with the way individual formal qualities work together to form the whole.  This session will focus on active looking, a central component of critiques, art history papers, and informed discussions about art.

 Session 2:  Thesis Statements and Essay Structure (November 9)

Your thesis helps spin your paper into a cohesive argument rather than just a report.  Because you are students of art, your papers will generally begin with and focus on the art-object.  During this session, we will discuss how to form an argument about an object.

Session 3:  Demystifying Citation Systems (November 16)

Footnotes?  Endnotes?  Parentheses?  This session will show you how to avoid plagiarism in your writing assignments.


Questions? Please contact Heather Bowling at heather_bowling@corcoran.edu.