Corcoran Arts and Humanities Awards

March 2, 2011

Announcing the 2010-2011

Corcoran College of Art & Design

Arts & Humanities Department Awards

Every spring the Department of Arts & Humanities sponsors four separate awards based on voluntary submission of work.

The winners will be announced at the annual awards ceremonies later this spring. Work should be submitted in hard copy

Congratulations, Tucker Walsh!

March 1, 2011


Congratulations to Tucker Walsh, 3-rd year Photojournalism student, for earning an Honorable Mention award in the 65th College Photographer of the Year Competition (COPY)  for his multimedia piece, "The Teddy Bear and the Rock"! Over 600 students representing 150 colleges and universities and 12 countries entered the contest.

Digital Graphic Designer at ProFund Advisors LLC

March 1, 2011

ProFund Advisors LLC

Position Title: Digital Graphic Designer

Supervisor: Design Director

Status: Regular-Full Time Exempt