2nd Year Fine Arts: After Refuge

February 10, 2011


White Walls Gallery, Downtown Campus

February 9-18, 2011

STASH 77 now available

February 10, 2011

STASH 77 is now available, featuring UNKLE's "Runaway" video, a promo for the season 4 of the British tv series Skins, the Fuel TV on-air brand re-think, creative short films, viral videos, and more, all accompanied by creator notes. Also download 6 free tracks from upcoming band Rosefur. This month's 90-minute Digital Tutors lesson covers Camera Projection in Maya and Nuke - Creating background buildings.

Invitation to talk with Burmese American activist, Nyi Nyi Aung

February 9, 2011

Please come by Nolana Yip's Humanities II class when Burmese American democracy activist Nyi Nyi Aung will be visiting our class on Wednesday, February 23 at 3:15 pm, Georgetown Room 205. You can read about how Nyi Nyi Aung was jailed in Burma and released last year in The New York Times or The Washington Post.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Questions? Nolana Yip, Department of Arts + Humanities