Summer Hours Start Today at the Corcoran Library

October 5, 2013

Congratulations to our entire Corcoran Community on another excellent academic year! It is such a bittersweet time, when we get a slight break but have to say our goodbyes to a few of you. We prefer "see you soon!" The Corcoran Library is open during the summer. In addition to serving summer classes and helping faculty and curators prepare for the next year, we spend the summer working on special projects that we don't always have time for during the fall and spring. The Library operates on shorter hours during the summer. The new schedule starts today: M-F 9 a.m.

INFO SESSION: Burren College of Art in Ireland

October 1, 2013

INFO SESSION: Burren College of Art in Ireland
Wednesday, October 2, 1PM, Classroom 14B


Come meet the President of the Burren College of Art, Mary Hawkes-Greene and learn about their programs for semester study abroad and graduate study. Many Corcoran students have studied at the Burren College of Art and one of our photography alumnae is currently pursuing her MFA there. Tea and cookies for all who attend!