Assistive Technologies to Support Your Learning

Dragon Dictation (Free)

Awesome Free Dictation App for iPad

You can use this to get dictation notes for your professor or dictate your thoughts when creating assignments and when studying. No more headaches if you type slow or do not want to write by hand. Super awesome and super free!

Dragon Dictation - Nuance Communications

Evernote (free)

Awesome Productivity App for College Students

Evernote for iPad

This is another exceptional pick for all note-takers. You're fond of keeping a journal or writing randomly? Then, this iPad app is for you. Evernote helps you create to-do lists, archive websites, and gather assorted files. This is capable of recording lectures and storing them as audio files; and can create many folders for different projects or classes. This also allows students to take photos of graphs, textbooks, and charts.

I use Evernote to copy and paste information on the internet. It is a great way to research about my articles.

Evernote - Evernote

Dropbox (free)

Free file sharing app for prductivity

Dropbox is the solution for the hard file transfer that Apple implemented. Simple add the file into the Dropbox folder and it can be accessed by different shared devices, like Mac, PC, iOS devices, even mobile! Best part? Free.

Dropbox - Dropbox

Amazon Student (free)

Book Browsing App for College Students

Amazon Student for iPad These days, college students are independent as they can make many anytime with the help of online jobs. With Amazon Student app, your textbooks can be made easier through online. Amazon Student can also trade in books for free, and this is capable of scanning bar codes and searching the web for good prices.

Amazon Student - AMZN Mobile LLC

Penultimate ($0.99)

Awesome Note Taking as Doodle App for College Students

Penultimate for iPad Studying is quite a visual experience for me, so I use penultimate for sketching and labeling parts of a photo. With its features of pasting a photo and labelling it, leaning can be quite an awesome experience.

(Can also double as an entertainment app if you have a photo of your professor!)

Penultimate - Evernote

iStudiez Pro ($2.99)

Organizer App for Students

iStudiez Pro for iPad - iPad App for College Students

This is your real organizer that helps you plan homework, track tasks and deadlines, do lecture and lab - all in one. To those who get easily disoriented, or you might be a teacher wanting to track down all the courses and classes you handle, or perhaps you are a parent keeping an eye on your grade school kids, well, this app is absolutely for you. Take the advantage of it!

iStudiez Pro - iStudiez Team

iThoughts ($9.99)

Awesome Mindmapping App for College Students

If you are to create a visual presentation for the class or a quick mindmapping for group assignments, you can use this one. iThoughts is a mindmapping app used to create colorful and enticing flowcharts and images which are not only applicable for business, but also for studying.

iThoughtsHD (mindmapping) - CMS (free / 2.99)

Awesome dictionary app for productivity for iPad Your dictionary and thesaurus buddy is now available for iPad. Having trouble with difficult words? You need for your iPad. This app is built in with nearly 2 million words, definitions, synonyms and antonyms. This also features audio pronunciation, voice-to-text search and the word of the day. app has two versions, the free version which has ads and the premium at $2.99 which has no ads. - Dictionary & Thesaurus - Free -, LLC - Dictionary & Thesaurus - No Ads -, LLC