Graduate Student Orientation

On behalf of the Office of Student Affairs, welcome to the Corcoran College of Art + Design! In just over a month you will officially become a valued member of the Corcoran community, and we are excited to meet you and get to know you. We are currently working to make sure that your experiences at the Corcoran are unique, challenging, and rewarding.

You can access the full schedule of graduate orientation activities below:

Fall 2013 Graduate Orientation Schedule

Please RSVP by August 19, 2013 here . 

Orientation programming is aimed to help you become acquainted with the people, resources, and facilities that will become part of your life for the next few years. Whether you are interested in taking advantage of the College's unique partnership with the Gallery, or just want to feel more comfortable understanding MyCorcboard and federal financial aid, you will find that we have designed a series of events and presentations that are intended to enhance and enrich your educational experience at the Corcoran.

During orientation you will be introduced to key members of the College's administration, staff, and faculty so that you may begin building relationships within the Corcoran community. In addition, there will ample opportunities for students to interact with each other socially, as well as professionally. One feature of graduate education at the Corcoran that we are most proud of is the robust activity of our student professional organizations.

The Graduate Student Organization Fair and BBQ on August 23rd gives new students a chance to learn about these organizations from currents students who are active members. You hope that you will choose to become involved with these organizations and take advantage of the professional connections and opportunities that they provide.