Refund Policies and Schedules

Refund Schedule for Dropped Courses



Fall 2013 Semester (First day of classes: August 28, 2013)

Prior to August 28100%
August 29 - September 1475%
September 15 - October 2


After October 20%




Spring 2014 Semester (First day of classes: January 22, 2014)

Prior to January 22100%
January 2375%
February 11 - February 2650%
After February 260%

Title IV Refunds

Once federal financial aid funds have been credited to a student’s account, if the amount of the funds exceeds allowable charges, a credit balance occurs and a refund will be generated within 14 days of the first day of classes. If the credit balance occurs after the first day of classes, a refund will be generated within 14 days from that date.