Student Groups & Organizations

Student Groups & Organizations


The Goal of Spectrum is to bring awareness, support and respect for ethnically diverse artists, artworks and visual culture to the Corcoran community and to provide a positive outlet for students from diverse ethnic, racial and cultural backgrounds to plan events, meet, share experiences, ideas, concerns, and solutions.

Corcoran students are encouraged to enrich their social and academic experience by joining a club or student organization.

Corcoran Student Council

The Corcoran Student Council serves all students and represents their interests to provide a liaison the administration. More specifically, the Student Council does the following:

  • Represents the rights and interests of students to the college and the community.
  • Provides a forum for student views and opinions.
  • Promotes academic responsibility and high standards of education.
  • Provides services and organizes events for the benefit of students.
  • Promotes ties between the College and the Gallery.
  • Seeks to promote understanding and recognition of the responsibilities of students to the school and the community.
  • Focuses on establishing school unity while providing a voice for the student body.

Student Groups Devoted to Specific Art and Design Programs

  • MARGINALIA – Book artists, makers, and lovers
  • ART ED – Corcoran's Art Education Community
  • CAP – Corcoran Association of Photojournalists

Student Chapters of the Professional Organizations

  • ASID – American Society of Interior Designers
  • NAEA – National Art Education Association
  • SEGD – Society for Environmental Graphic Design
  • USGBC at the Corcoran – U.S. Green Building Council

Campus Activities

The Office of Student Affairs and the Department of College Exhibitions plan exciting educational and social events throughout the school year—from the many exhibition openings on campus to larger student events such as the Off the Walls Art Sale and SpringFest.

Other popular student events have included bus trips to New York City for the Armory Show, an annual talent show, and Puppy Play Day.

Students are also invited to attend nearly all public programs of the museum for free, including artists' talks, book signings, lectures, and music and dance performances. Recent programs have featured visiting performance artists Andrea Fraser and Iona Rozeal Brown, photographers David Levinthal and Paul Graham, and the Washington and Lee Aerial Dancers.