Student Groups & Organizations Web Policy

Policy and Procedures for Developing and Posting Web Sites for Recognized Student Groups & Organizations


The Corcoran College of Art + Design is committed to providing its students with opportunities and experiences which will assist them in developing competencies through participation in co-curricular organizations. These opportunities and experiences mainly take the form of programs and services designed to assist student leaders in meeting the mission of their organizations. In an effort to provide student leaders support in their leadership roles while simultaneously providing experience in the use and application of technology, the Corcoran, provides recognized student groups and organizations the opportunity to develop web sites for their organization.


Student - any person who (1) has applied to and been accepted for admission by the College at either the undergraduate or graduate level, (2) is currently attending the College, or (3) has attended the College. 

URL - Universal Resource Locator; a unique address on the World Wide Web. 

Web Site - a directory containing documents on a computer server connected to the Internet with its own unique address(URL). 

Webmaster - a person having access to a Web site who is responsible for designing, maintaining, and receiving feedback via e-mail for the pages contained in that web site.


This service is available only to recognized student groups and organizations that are registered with the Office of Student Affairs in accordance with approved College policies. 

Recognized student groups and organizations seeking this service must first contact staff in the Office of Student Affairs to determine eligibility for site development along with insuring that the leadership of the organization understands and accepts the policies associated with maintaining web sites. Further, it is important to understand that the College will not develop the Web site for organizations nor provide technical assistance in developing Web sites. 

The development and design will be the responsibility of one member designated by the organization, who will ensure that content is compatible with the established guidelines. The designated student will develop the site on their personal user account and will then notify the Office of Student Affairs.

The Office of Student Affairs will then review the site and determine if it is in compliance with established guidelines. If so, staff in the Communications department will be contacted and informed that the organization may be granted an official directory on the College server.


1. Only College recognized and registered student groups and organizations are eligible to utilize the College technology, services, and support in developing on-line web sites. 

2. Each Fall, as part of the student groups and organization registration process, student groups and organizations must provide the Office of Student Affairs with the name of a currently enrolled student who will serve as "Webmaster" for the site. This individual must maintain the site and be responsible for receiving and responding to all e-mail inquires and comments made at the web site. The "Webmaster" may not share his/her username and password with anyone so as to allow them access to the web site. 

3. Information contained on the web site must be directly related to the student groups and organization’s purpose. Student groups and organizations may not provide space on their web site to organizations, agencies, companies, etc. which are not part of the College structure. Student groups and organizations may provide links to sites of interest or related organizations; however, those links must have their own URL. 

4. Student groups and organizations may not have sponsorship, representation, etc. of or on their web site by businesses, agencies, companies, individuals, etc. 

5. Student groups and organizations may not engage in solicitation, such as but not limited to sales of items and materials, representation of businesses and companies, and donation of funds unless specifically approved by the Office of Student Affairs. All requests to include such on a web site must be made in writing and approval received in writing before inclusion on the web site. 

6. Student groups and organizations must maintain current content and information on their web site and failure to do so will result in revoking access privileges. 

7. All web sites must maintain an e-mail address to the designated Webmaster for interested parties to respond to or send correspondences. 

8. Student groups and organizations who fail to reregister with the College in accordance with the policy will have their web site access/privileges revoked. 

9. Student groups and organizations that violate the College’s policies and procedures may have their web site access and privileges revoked as part of the disciplinary process. 

10. Individuals who violate the College’s policy may be subject to punishment under the judicial code. 

The College is not responsible for content of web sites so long as these sites meet the guidelines contained herein. Student groups and organizations are expected to recognize that these sites are accessible by users of all ages and that information should reflect the organization's purpose, educational relationship to the College, and an appreciation of a pluralistic community. 

As an educational institution, the Corcoran College of Art + Design recognizes the value and importance of providing recognized student organizations the opportunity to utilize technology in the support of their mission. Further, this is a service provided by the College at its pleasure and within its resources. This service can be changed, modified, denied, or revoked at any time at the discretion of the College.

Ready to begin?

The designated "webmaster" should go to the Office of Student Affairs to request a website installation. After the initial website has been set up, the webmaster should contact for review and then a permanent url will be assigned.