Gallery 31 Call for Entry: This Is Not A Museum. Mobile Devices Lurking


The possibility of subverting the logic of the Museum through the construction of mobile devices has a long tradition. Since the famous case of Marcel Duchamp (Boite-en-valise, 1941) efforts to move the field of aesthetic experience beyond the limits of the museum have multiplied. But this tradition of "mobile art" has also been the subject of a recent co-option by the conventional museum. Indeed, in the last decade has seen a proliferation of attempts by multiplying the perimeter of the traditional museum by portable structures.


This is not a Museum. Mobile Devices Lurking aims to catalog and reflect these initiatives circulating in the public space, and collide these prostheses with the conventional museum.  Instead of extending the linear feet of the walls of the museum, these devices feature nomadic exhibitions as a platform for direct participation and self-managed development of social research and the articulation of educational experiences.




This call is open to artists, architects, designers, educators, cultural managers, historians, social workers and students of sociology, anthropology, art, architecture, design, education, as well as individuals with interests related to culture and public space.

Submit information regarding your project and case study research of alternatives to traditional museum settings for possible inclusion in the Washington, DC presentation of this exhibition.





Friday, November 16, 2012


Please upload an image of your project (10 mb max). Your image should be labelled as follows: lastname_firstname_title.jpg ie: doe_jane_thestatueofliberty.jpg (this is so we can track which image belongs to your description).
Please describe your case study.
If you have any other supporting documents, CAD mock ups, etc. please include those here.