Exhibition Proposal Webform

Please select the type of proposal you are submitting.
Please list the ideal window of time when you would like your exhibition, Gallery 31 exhibitions are typically 2 - 4 weeks long. This does not apply to the "Student Curated Exhibition" which will be from March 26 - April 15.
Please select the space(s) you are submitting a proposal for. The "Student Curated Exhibition" will be held in Gallery 31.
Please specify what other/offsite location you are proposing for.
Please write a brief description of the concept/idea/theme/purpose behind your proposed exhibition. Try not to give too many details about the specific work in the show or execution of the show. Why should we put this show in our space? Why is it relevant?
Please provide a physical description of the exhibition - how do you imagine you might execute the concept above?
Please upload any images/mockups/floorplans or other visual material that will help the selection committee imagine your exhibition. Only PDFs, JPEGS, and Google SketchUp (.skp) files will be accepted. 10 MB max. We encourage you to layout your exhibition using our Sketchup Model of Gallery 31 found here: http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/details?mid=274bbb57c49fdf87d6e62c1bb109bfa&prevstart=0
Please provide a rough estimate of the number of artists who may be represented in the exhibition. If this does not apply write "DNA".
Please provide a rough estimate of the total number of artworks that will be installed in the exhibition. If this does not apply write "DNA".
If you require multiple pieces of the above technology please note what you will need in multiple (ie 4 headphones, 2 projectors with Mac Minis). We assume that every projector or monitor request will require a Mac Mini to play your media, if you have another player capable of looping you plan on using please note here.
Will artwork in your exhibition require electricity?
Will you there be perfromances in your exhibition?