NEXT Logistics Webform

Please enter the number of horizontal feet that you are expecting to use. Evenly divided, there is enough wall space in the galleries to allow 10 feet per person. We encourage you to take advantage of the high gallery walls to create a more dynamic layout.
Please select the location in the gallery where your piece should be installed.
Will your piece require a pedestal?
Will your piece require a plexiglass vitrine to cover it?
Will your piece require a shelf?
Please check yes if your installation includes unframed prints/drawings/etc. Please check no if it does not.
Do you plan on painting or marking directly on the walls?
Does your piece include organic materials (piles of dirt, bale of hay, untreated wood)?
Will you be performing as part of your piece?
Will this piece require electricity?
if there is no price enter "NFS"