Peter Crellin

August 23, 2012

Peter Crelin

Photo: Jason Tucker

Hometown: Boston, MA

Graduated: University of Sheffield, UK

Year of Graduation: 1997

Area of Study: Archeology and Prehistory

Currently studying: Exhibition Design

Prior to starting his studies at the Corcoran, Peter had a career and his own company in furniture-making and custom built interiors. He gained a great deal of knowledge in a furniture-making apprenticeship in Rockport, MA, but grew to develop his own playful style in his own studio. His work has been featured in a number of gallery exhibitions and publications, including the Providence Journal. He came to the Corcoran because he felt that the program would bring together his diverse interests, which included but were not limited to archeology, art, the antiques trade, and design.

He is currently participating in his Studio II course, in which students are given a list of objects and challenged with stringing together the objects with a narrative. “I enjoy the class because it brings together the mechanical and creative side from my previous work,” he says. In that course, he also went to the National Gallery after hours for a behind-the-scenes tour.

He has found the Corcoran to be an incredible resource, with the number of connections it has to firms and intuitions throughout Washington, D.C. Learning from working professionals who have worked at various big-name museums throughout the city has proved to be an asset because they are able to speak to the concerns that are relevant in exhibition design today. “If museums are what you are interested in,” he says, “Washington, D.C. is one of the most fantastic places to be studying.” In the future he strives to work in the production realm or project planning for a major museum.