Wear. Strut. Occupy


Wear. Strut. Occupy.
Gallery 31, March 28–April 15, 2012

Opening Reception:
Thursday, March 29, 6–8 p.m.

In this spring 2012 coursestudents were challenged to visually engage the body and the way in which it is outwardly perceived through costume design and public displays of performance art. The costumes in this exhibition are based on the idea of volume, whether sensory or in relation to size and space, creating a widespread variety of views on the human form as art object. The artists aim to expose D.C. to performance art, costume, and questions regarding the modern perception of the body.

Participating artists: Jason Tucker, Katie Macyshyn, Armando Lopez Bircann, Brooke Bock, Jeremiah Holland, Kristina Haden, Lorenzo Cardim, and René Medrano