Manifest: AR

August 14, 2013 to September 1, 2013
Manifest: AR is the second in the Gallery 31's Manifest series, focusing on the relationship between Art, Technology, and Exhibition spaces

Manifest: AR is the second in the Gallery 31 Manifest series, focusing on the relationship between Art, Technology, and Exhibition spaces.  This exhibition features the serendipitously titled Manifest.AR collective of artists who work with the burgeoning technology of Augmented Reality to place their artworks in site-specific virtual spaces accessible through ubiquitous smart mobile devices integrating sensors, processors, access to networks, and visual/audio displays.  

The "AR space", as Augmented Reality aficionados refer to this virtual overlay of information onto real-world objects, brings the wild-west freedoms of the internet into direct interface with physical reality.  For the artist, AR is an opportunity to place an artwork in juxtaposition with any context - permission free.  For the viewer, this is an opportunity to view a plurality of artworks at any site, and to participate in the discourse directly.  For the museum, this is an opportunity to channel the multitude as exemplified by new institutions like Wikipedia.  

This exhibition focuses on 6 projects from the larger Manifest.AR collective.  Artists include: John Cleater, John Craig Freeman, Will Pappenheimer, Mark Skwarek, Tamiko Thiel, and Sander Veenhof.  Gallery 31 is the hub for the exhibition, but the show itself moves beyond the physical constraints of the gallery, into the monumental space of Washington DC, and in some cases beyond the authorial intentions of the artists - as the audience is encouraged to participate.  We hope this exhibition - with all of its idiosyncratic pitfalls and egalitarian possibilities - represents a progressive alternative to the status quo.

Please join us Wednesday August 14th 6 pm for an opening reception in Gallery 31 and Saturday, August 31st at 12:00 pm for a symposium in the Auditorium and closing reception in Gallery 31.  Register here