Amy Aden Dunn

Adjuncy Faculty

Personal Information

M Ed, American University and certified K-12 in special education and regular education  brings classroom teaching experience in special education integration and arts integration. Dunn has also presented workshops to educators in arts integration and was a contributing author to Live It Learn It by Sally L. Smith.  Dunn is currently serving as a board member of Bridges Public Charter School, where she has served in all executive positions and is a member of the school expansion and fund-raising committees.  Also a Math and Reading Buddy at the School for Arts In Learning Public Charter School., she continues to enjoy membership in PEO (philanthropic educational organization) which raises money for scholarships for women in various stages of their lives.  With a background heavily influenced by Special Education, many of the discussions and blog topics we have are about learning disabilities and other disabilities that affect students in the classroom.  All of the candidates observe art teachers who work with individuals with disabilities through the field experiences class and many of the candidates choose to do an internship at a site that works with those individuals such as The Lab School of Washington, the School for Arts In Learning Public Charter School, or Washington Very Special Arts.  All of the candidates in this program work with people with disabilities even if they are in a more traditional art education setting and comment that in the art room the differences are not a focus... art is the focus.  Some of the candidates use lesson plans that focus on identity and the students they are working with are expressing their cultures and background through art projects such as identity bowls or creating a piece about home.