Matthew Guastaferro

Adjunct Faculty
Degree programs: 
BFA Digital Media Design

Personal Information

Matthew Guastaferro comes from a military family and spent eleven of his years as a child in Europe, living in Spain, Germany, and Italy. It was during these formidable years that Mr. Guastaferro was exposed to some of the greatest treasures of the art world, and his appreciation for fine art was born. He was introduced to the world of graphic design at an early age when he discovered two powerful tools of the trade: Photoshop and After Effects. Bitten by the bug to design for the screen, he went on to study Broadcast Production/Graphic Design at Eastern University of New Mexico, where he received a Bachelor of Science degree. During college, an internship with the National Geographic Channel in Washington, D.C. helped to launch his professional career. After graduation Mr. Guastaferro came back to D.C. and spent time at the National Geographic Channel and America's Most Wanted before joining the design team at CNN, where he played an integral role in designing and launching "The Situation Room" with Wolf Blitzer. In addition to designing packages for multiple State of the Union addresses and the last two Presidential Inaugurations, Mr. Guastaferro also received accolades for his work on the award-winning "In Focus" series, and redesigned two of CNN's marquee Sunday morning shows; "The State of the Union with Candy Crowley", and "Reliable Sources."

College or University: 
Eastern New Mexico University