Sarah Noreen Hurtt

Personal Information

Adjunct Professor
Graduate - Art and the Book

Sarah Noreen grew up in Thailand and Saudi Arabia and had traveled to eleven different countries by the time she was twelve. Inspired by travel, she is drawn to designs and patterns that are striking, exotic, traditional as well as modern. Some may have cultural significance, others merely beautiful. By combining beautiful textures and patterns with traditional bookbinding techniques, Sarah creates unique works that are fresh, contemporary, yet have the permanence of an expertly handcrafted book. Sarah received a Bachelors of Fine Art from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in photography and printmaking and went on to receive a Masters of Fine Art from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in printmaking. It was as an undergraduate student Chicago that Sarah fell in love with the book form and continues to incorporate books and handmade paper in her personal work.

Handmade paper imbedded with herbs, spices and grains hand sewn onto a silk organza coat with gold metallic thread
Etching, aquatint and chine colle on machine and handmade papers mounted on wood panel
Japanese Binding Techniques
Historical Bindings
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