Register to use the Corcoran Library?

Register to use the Library in person at the information desk. You will need to present a Corcoran ID.

Renew my books and movies?

You can renew your books and e-mails online, or by calling or e-mailing the Library. More information

Find my Library user ID and PIN?

If you have registered to use the Library, you will find a barcode on the back of your Corcoran ID labeled Corcoran Library. The 14-digit number along the bottom of that barcode is your Library user ID. During registration, the Library staff assigned you a four-digit PIN. If you have forgotten your PIN, call the Library (202-478-1543) or e-mail us library@corcoran.org using your Corcoran e-mail address.

Make a copy?

The Corcoran Library provides access to one black-and-white photocopier.  There is currently no charge.  If you experience a problem with the photocopier or scanner, ask a staff member for assistance.

use a computer in the Library?

The Library provides access to four PC computers for public use—two terminals near the circulation desk, and two terminals next to the photocopier. Each computer provides access to the internet and to word processing software. Priority for the computers is given to those conducting research, e.g., searching the online catalog or accessing research databases. The Library staff has the right to ask someone using a computer for word processing or non-classroom related activity to vacate a computer for someone who needs it for educational research.

Certain rules and restrictions apply to using the Library's computers, and violations of those rules may result in loss of computer privileges. For a complete version of the Library's computer policy, ask at the information desk.

Use my laptop in the Library?

Electrical outlets are available at most Library tables for laptop computers. The Library's Wi-Fi connection is named Library. The Wi-Fi password is posted on the tables. If you experience a problem connecting to the Wi-Fi, ask a staff member for assistance. Printing is not available from laptop computers.

Print from the Library computers?

All four of the Library's public computers are connected to black-and-white printers in the Library. If you experience a problem with a printer, ask a staff member for assistance. Printing is not available from laptop computers.