My CorcBoard FAQ


We have posted a number of training videos on a special My CorcBoard help page. They will give you a quick understanding of any of the following features:

  1. How do I log in and update my personal information?
    This demo shows how to log in for the first time, find a system ID number, deal with passwords and other security issues, update contact and personal information, and whom to contact with any problems.
  2. How do I search for courses?
    This demo shows you how to search the course catalog and conduct both basic and advanced searches (e.g., search by instructor, day, and/or time) in the schedule of classes for a particular term.
  3. How do I find advising information?
    This demo shows how students and advisors can find general advising information, including generic program planning sheets, departmental advising reference sheets for Bachelor¹s students, forms, advisor contact information, registration information, and other academic policies.
  4. How do I find personal academic records?
    This demo shows how both students and advisors can find student¹s schedules, transcripts, and Academic Plan (on-line degree audit).
  5. Where can I find general academic information?
    This demo shows where students and advisors can find non-personalized academic information, such as degree requirements, the Student Handbook, academic calendars, and the forms that I need.
  6. As a Faculty member, how do I manage my classes on-line?
    This demo shows Corcoran faculty how to find class lists/rosters and enter grades.
    The link to this page is
    When we create more training materials, they will be posted there as well. We do plan to have the recording of a complete walkthrough for faculty and student users there as well by the end of the week.


You are able to change your password in My CorcBoard yourself. Go to: "My Profile", "Account Information", "Password". Enter your current password and your new password (twice).



Please note that the password has to be a minimum of 7 characters and have all 4 of the following:

  • Upper case character
  • Lower case character
  • Special character (like !, @, #, %, $, &, or _)
  • Number
  • Password cannot contain your first or last name.

So a valid password is Amsterdam#1, qO@C8V8 etc. Your current password might only have 3 of the 4 required characters, but the application needs all 4.

If your password is changed, you will receive confirmation on the screen and an email.


Please note; you can only change your password every 24-hours. So you cannot change it twice in one day.

Known issues

With the go live last week we have seen a number of issues. This is a list of the common ones, and the resolution.


  1. Username/password not working.
    Message: Please check your username and password and try again

    If you are sure that you used the correct username and password provided by me, please log a ticket with IT (email to
  2. Redirect page.

    If you get the redirect page from Safari, Chrome or Firefox, or if the login takes a very long time in Internet Explorer after you enter your username passwordfor the first time,you need to log a ticket with IT.
  3. Cannot set security question.

    Could not change the Security Question for your account based on the following errors:
Your Security Question could not be updated due to an unexpected error in processing. Please retry.

    You most likely entered the wrong password. You need to enter your current password. You cannot enter a new password on this page. New passwords are set at ³My Profile², ³Account Information², ³Password² after you log on.

  4. Cannot access My CorcBoard from the wireless network (CCA+D) at the Downtown Campus.

    Cannot find the server

    This issue was introduced with the new wireless at the Downtown Campus. The workaround is to use this URL
  5. Sending emails from within My CorcBoard.

    At this time you cannot send emails from within My CorcBoard. The system does not give a warning when it does not send an email. Once we have fixed this, you will get a confirmation that an email is send.