Resources for Parents & Families

These pages contain the information you might need as a parent to a student at the Corcoran College of Art + Design—from links to our academic calendar to news about upcoming events. If you have any questions, contact the Office of Student Affairs by calling 202-639-1831 or via email.

Important College Announcements

Keep up on the latest news and events from around the College.

Information on Annual Events

Preparing Students for the Future

Career Services at the Corcoran College of Art + Design provides students and alumni with the essential tools required to maneuver competitively through the professional world. Professional development opportunities are offered to students at all educational levels, and remain available to Corcoran Alumni.


Understanding Student Records and Privacy

Like most post-secondary institutions, the Corcoran College of Art + Design is bound by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (20 USC 1232g. amended). Also known as “FERPA” or the “Buckley Amendment,” this law provides students access to their education records, and protects their right to privacy by limiting the transferability of their records without their written consent. Therefore, the College is obligated to treat the following types of information as protected under FERPA: student schedules, grades, honors and awards, disciplinary records, and the academic transcript. Occasionally, students may also ask the College to protect normally public information, like address information and class level. Students may consent to release protected data to a third party by notifying the Registrar’s Office. Students may sign a release form giving consent for specific individuals (such as parents) to access their education records.


Understanding College Policies and Guidelines

The Student Handbook contains information on academic and non-academic policies, student conduct guidelines, and information on campus resources. Parents may find it helpful to read through the student handbook to learn more about the College.

Communicating in an Emergency

If you have a family emergency and you need help reaching a student, a family member should contact the Office of Student Affairs at 202-639-1831. We can help to contact the student and make emergency arrangements as necessary. Similarly, if a family member receives a call from his/her student in a crisis, please contact the Student Affairs staff, who can offer support, information, or intervention as appropriate. For more information on emergency notifications and campus safety, please visit our Campus Safety website.