Immunization Requirements

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The District of Columbia Law 3-20 mandates that all students under the age of 26 must provide an accurate vaccination history and remain up-to-date on required immunizations in order to attend college. Immunization forms are available in the Office of the Registrar and online at . Students who do not comply with the law two weeks prior to the beginning of a semester may be granted a one-month extension, if warranted, at the discretion of the registrar. Failure to comply by the end of the extension will result in administrative removal from classes and termination of enrollment. Students who have had their immunization compliance lapse during the semester cannot register for future semesters until they provide proof of receiving appropriate immunizations, and a hold will be placed on their academic record that prohibits the release of transcripts.

Note: Graduate students in Art Education should be prepared for an extension of immunization requirements beyond age 26 in order to be compliant with the practices of the sites or jurisdictions where these students may be working with children off-site. Please contact the art education program director for more information.