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The Corcoran Library supports the teaching and research goals of the Corcoran Gallery of Art and Corcoran College of Art + Design. Library staff selects books, journals, multimedia, and electronic materials to support students’ educational endeavors. The Library staff communicates, consults, and collaborates with students and faculty; provides one-on-one reference/research assistance in person, by phone, e-mail, and instant messaging; instructs classes on how to effectively use library resources, including bibliographic (e.g. citation) software. Many of the resources, such as the Corcoran Library Online Catalog and subscribed electronic databases, are available on the library website at

i. Collections

The Corcoran Library’s collection is a highly specialized art and design collection available to enrolled undergraduate and graduate students. In addition, the Library’s collection contains general materials in the Arts & Humanities and the Social Sciences. The collection is made up of approximately 35,000 monograph volumes, including a valuable Artists’ Book collection of almost 300 titles, and over 1,400 DVDs and videos. The Library also subscribes to approximately 160 print magazines, newspapers, and scholarly journals, as well as more than 40 electronic databases.

ii. Reference/Research Assistance

The Library offers one-on-one research assistance to Corcoran students. Students are highly encouraged to make an appointment to receive individualized assistance.

iii. Borrowing Policy

  • Students must register at the Library to obtain borrowing privileges. Students may be asked to verify their contact information at the beginning of each academic year.
  • Students may borrow an unlimited number of library materials. Students may not borrow materials from the Reference Collection, the Artists' Books collection, or periodicals.
  • Students can borrow Course Reserve items for a four-hour period.
  • Undergraduate students can check out books for 28 days or until the last day of the semester, whichever comes first. Books checked out by graduate students will be due on the last day of the semester. DVDs and VHS can be checked out for a seven-day period or until the last day of the semester, whichever comes first.
  • The Library reserves the right to recall materials prior to the due date.
  • Students must return library materials on or before the due date. Due dates are available on the Corcoran Library Online Catalog.
  • Library materials may be renewed when there are no holds or recalls placed on the item. Students may renew their materials by visiting the Corcoran Library Online Catalog.

iv. Fees for Overdue and Lost Materials

  • As a courtesy, the Library sends overdue notices when materials are not returned by the due date. Students are responsible for overdue items regardless of whether they received an overdue notice or not.
  • The Library does not charge late fees for books. The late fee for DVDs is $0.50 per day.
  • Students with outstanding fines and/or checked-out overdue items must clear their accounts before they can register for classes, requests records and transcripts, and receive their diploma. The Library works with a Collection Agency for fines that are not resolved within a six-month period.
  • Students who lose or damage library materials must pay the replacement cost, plus a $15 replacement processing fee. The replacement cost for lost or damaged library materials will be determined at point of purchase.
  • The Library reserves the right to revoke a student’s borrowing privileges because of theft, abuse, neglect, and/or repeated loss of library items. In less severe cases, written warnings will be given to the student and sent to the College administration. If a second offense occurs, a student’s privileges will be revoked. In a more severe case, a student’s privileges will be revoked immediately, and the College administration will be notified.

v. Wi-Fi and Computers

The Library provides Wi-Fi and has several outlet stations for students to plug-in their personal notebook computers. In addition, the Library has four public terminals equipped with Internet and Microsoft Word. Students are permitted to check their personal email and write papers on these computers, but due to the limited number of public terminals, priority will be given to students who wish to conduct research.

vi. Computer Policy

The purpose of this section is to establish the rules that govern the appropriate use of the Library computers. This policy ensures access and safeguards the rights of all persons using the Library computers. The Library reserves the right to monitor its computer resources to protect the integrity of the computing systems, to track problems, and to insure equal and appropriate access to all Library users. The Library expects a certain level of responsibility and courtesy by all Library users. All computer stations should be used in a responsible manner, respecting the rights of others, and abiding by the local and federal laws. Students should also observe the Information Technology policies in this handbook.

Acceptable Use

Library research by enrolled students is granted the highest priority. Recreational use and personal communications are given the lowest priority. The Library staff has the right to ask students using the equipment for non-classroom related activities to vacate a computer station for another student who needs it for educational research use.

Computer Rules

The following are basic rules for using the Corcoran Library computers:

  1. Users should be careful when eating or drinking near public terminals, copy machines, scanners, or other public equipment.
  2. Users should not physically damage computer equipment or furniture.
  3. Users should not download or save any data to the Library computers. Likewise, users should not attempt to access, modify, or delete files on the computers. The Library is not responsible for misinformation or viruses that the user downloads. The Library is not responsible for any lost files or information saved on Library computers.
  4. Users should limit their printing to materials needed for academic or educational purposes. Users are expected to make only one copy of a document; any additional copies should be made on the photocopy machine. Since printing can be time-consuming, all printing requests should be initiated at least ten minutes prior to closing.
  5. Users may not use the Library computers for the following:
    1. Commercial activities, private business, or personal profit.
    2. Malicious or intentional misuse, including but not limited to, harassment, unsolicited advertising, misrepresenting one’s self in correspondence, distribution of viruses or worms, or transmitting data that is prohibited by local or federal laws. This includes acts claimed as jokes or pranks, but that are hostile or demeaning.
    3. Inappropriate activity not related to the mission of the institution, including games, spamming, chain letters, and chat rooms. Users must demonstrate how this activity relates to the mission when questioned. Users choosing not to do so must relinquish use of the computer.
  6. All personal memory devices must be checked for viruses before users may use a computer.
  7. Users may not attach personal computer equipment or use or install personal software or may not detach Library equipment.
  8. Users must abide by all copyright laws and license agreements.
  9. Users should respect the privacy of others.
  10. Users should limit their time on a computer to one hour when others are waiting, and use the computers in a respectful manner without disturbing others.

Note: The Corcoran Library does not supply equipment to store and transport files.

vii. Graduate Students

  • Graduate students may request additional library materials through Interlibrary Loan (ILL) when materials are not owned by the Library.
  • Graduate students should consult the Library website for thesis submission guidelines.

viii. Violations of Library Policies

Students witnessing a violation of stated policies should notify a Corcoran Library staff member.

First Violation: A Library staff member will directly tell the user to refrain from the inappropriate actions.

Second Violation: A Library staff member will ascertain the user’s name and write a report describing the violation. One copy will be sent to the student, one copy will be filed in the Library, and a third copy will be sent to the dean of students.

Third Violation: A Library staff member will contact the Student Conduct Committee, which may lead to the loss of computer privileges or legal action. Certain violations of the Library computer policy could constitute a criminal offense.

ix. Internet Research Disclaimer

There are no laws that govern the accuracy or the truthfulness of information on the Internet. Therefore, the Corcoran Library is not responsible for the content, timeliness, or accuracy of the information downloaded from or accessed on the Internet. It is the user’s responsibility to determine the suitability of the content for their research needs. Furthermore, students using materials obtained from the Internet for research must provide citation(s) for the materials.