Student Health

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i. Emergency Procedures

If severe injury occurs and immediate medical attention is required, please:

  1. Call 911 ( 9-911 if calling from a campus phone or room phone if at housing)
  2. Go directly to the nearest hospital emergency room

Downtown Campus: George Washington University Hospital
Georgetown Campus: Georgetown University Medical Center

Accidents resulting in physical injury must be immediately reported.

Downtown campus: E Street Security Desk
Georgetown campus: Security Office

ii. Student Health Insurance

Although we strongly encourage all students to obtain health insurance the Corcoran will not offer student health insurance for the 2013-2014 academic year. Students seeking information regarding student health insurance plans may contact Mr. Jeff Schaffer at Academic Health Plans at 1-800-800-9099.

Students with insurance must submit a 2013-2014 Insurance Waiver Form to the Office of Student Accounts. Students who do not have health insurance are required to submit a signed Student and Parent’s Health Insurance Release and Hold Harmless Agreement waiver to the Office of Student Accounts. Health insurance waivers must be submitted to the Office of Student Accounts by September 16, 2013.

iii. Special Medical Conditions

To safeguard the health of the Corcoran community, the College requests that students with chronic medical conditions that may require emergency treatment wear medical identification. Please notify the Office of Student Affairs if you have anaphylactic allergies, hemophilia, diabetes, epilepsy, a compromised immune system, or another chronic condition. This information will be kept confidential, and will only be shared with appropriate ersonnel in medical emergencies.

IV. Mental Health

All students need to be aware of the stress factors while attending college that can sometimes trigger unexpected reactions, making everyday life seem out of control. Many students are uncertain if they just need to talk with someone or schedule an appointment with a mental health professional. The Corcoran will pay for three emergency sessions with one of five contracted mental health professionals. After three visits, each student’s health insurance program can extend the number of sessions if needed. First students will need to speak briefly with the dean of students. To begin the process of scheduling a referral, please contact Lacey Gentry, .